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Yoga Wear Selection Guide From Material to Style

2023.08.15/ By JSPEED

Nowadays, fitness culture is popular all over the world, and yoga as an ancient fitness way is also getting more and more hot among people. In yoga practice, a suitable yoga wear is indispensable, it can not only improve the comfort of practice, but also affect the effect and quality of practice.In this article, we will introduce the material, style, size and other aspects of yoga clothing, to provide reference for you to develop the yoga clothing market.


The materials of yoga wears are usually divided into cotton, polyester fiber, nylon, spandex and so on. Cotton is soft and comfortable, with good sweat-absorbing properties, but it is not wear-resistant and easily deformed; polyester fiber is anti-wrinkle and quick-drying, but it is not breathable and easy to heat up when wearing it; nylon and spandex blends have good elasticity and are comfortable, but the price is higher. Different materials are suitable for different occasions and needs, and the choice should be considered according to your actual situation.


The styles of yoga wears are mainly categorized into short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops, tank tops, leggings, sports shorts and so on. Yoga practice requires flexibility and comfort, so yoga wears are usually close to the body, but not binding the body.


The size of yoga wear is very important, too small or too big size will affect the effect of practice and comfort. The size of the chest, waist and hips of the yoga wear is very critical. It is necessary to pay attention to factors such as whether the yoga wears are close to the body, whether there is enough stretching space and whether there is a sense of constriction.

Color and pattern

The color and pattern of yoga wear are also one of the factors that customers need to consider when shopping. Generally speaking, dark-colored yoga wears are more likely to look professional and stable, while light colors are more lively and fashionable. In addition, some yoga wears have different patterns and prints, which can add some fun and dynamics to the practice.

We hope that the knowledge of the material, style and size presented in this article can help you understand yoga wear. In addition, JSPEED also has various styles of yoga suits for everyone to choose from, welcome to purchase!

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