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Teach you how to match underwear colors

2023.06.08/ By hqt

Summer is coming, you must be wearing cool summer clothes as you love beauty. The color matching of underwear is particularly important for lightweight summer clothing. Now let me tell you how to match underwear colors.

1. For light colored or semi transparent apparel, choose close to skin tone

Usually, we think that light pink, white, and semi transparent dresses in summer and autumn are the safest to wear a white bra and won’t go wrong with the color, but it’s actually not right.

Pure white underwear will stand out very prominently in light and translucent fabrics. The best way to wear underwear is to leave no traces in its shape. Under warm colors such as pink and light yellow and semi transparent outerwear, wearing underwear that is close to the flesh color is the best! For example, tender yellow, very light camel color, tender pink, tooth white, foundation make-up color, champagne color, etc., will give people a harmonious, natural, relaxed and comfortable impression.

2. For light colored apparel, choose light colored underwear

The light color system refers to colors with bright elements but no gray elements in light colors, such as yellow green, orange yellow, orange red, and tender pink. This type of coat looks beautiful, cute, and charming when worn. Pure white underwear is the best match, and in addition, yellow, light coffee, light purple, light green, etc. are also good choices. If it is a low neck or off shoulder outfit, it is best to choose underwear that is close to the color of the outfit, without revealing the appearance of the underwear. It can be easily paired with various light colored underwear.

3. Choose bright colored underwear for bright colored apparel

Bright and charming exterior colors such as bright red, bright yellow, emerald green, sapphire blue, rose, etc. have a very eye-catching visual effect. They can be paired with white underwear, as well as gold red, fruit green, lake blue, deep pink, rose red and other color underwear. This not only makes the inside and outside consistent, but also gives people a sense of clarity in their mood.

At this time, choosing a nude or light colored lingerie may seem too ordinary, while choosing a dark colored lingerie can have a heavy feeling, and showiness requires going from the inside out.

4. For dark colored apparel, choose underwear in similar or contrasting colors

In many formal occasions, colors such as black, dark green, fern blue, magenta, deep coffee, dark red, and violet are all very solemn and beautiful. At this time, it is appropriate to choose black, dark blue, coffee, red, dark green, rose purple, etc. for underwear.

Of course, wearing a bare outer garment, pure white also looks great. If you want to appear personalized, pairing it with contrasting colors can also look great, such as black coats paired with red underwear or blue coats paired with rose colored underpants.

No matter how it is paired, it is important to match the occasion and atmosphere of the outfit. Hurry up and choose from JSPEED, as there are many styles to choose from here!

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