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Share Characteristics of New Lingerie Fabrics

2023.07.12/ By JSPEED

1.Novelty Fabrics

Novelty fabrics include high cotton, burnt mercerized cotton, silk and so on. These fabrics are tightly structured, smooth as silk, soft to the touch, elastic, comfortable, non-shrinking and non-fading.

2.Slip surface Lycra

The main components of slip surface Lycra are nylon and spandex. It is characterized by strong elasticity in the warp direction, slightly less in the weft direction, good repulsion, high strength, and emphasis on closure. It is suitable for applications such as high-pressure plastic pants, one-piece shapewear and bras.

3.Lycra mesh

Lycra mesh fabric enhances the breathability of the shapewear and adds haziness. It is generally suitable for spring and summer products, such as shapewear pants, one-piece shapewear and bras.

4.Tricot fabric

The main component of tricot fabric is nylon. It has no elasticity, but has the drape of silk and does not wrinkle as easily as silk. It is treated with anti-electricity treatment and is light and airy to wear. It is mainly used for spring and summer spring petticoat, bra cups, and triangle pants.


The single fiber of microfiber is 100 times finer than a hair (if it is a natural fiber, the finest is also thicker than a hair). The small gaps between the fibers constitute capillary phenomenon, which makes the fabric has good moisture absorption and moisture dissipation, is now the more ideal underwear fabrics. It is mainly used for bra cups, panties and so on.

Whether it’s special fabrics, complex craftsmanship, or exquisite patterns and designs, JSPEED will realize everything you want. Please refer to your needs and choose the option that works best for yourself.

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