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Knowledge of commonly used underwear fabrics

2023.07.06/ By JSPEED

With the development of underwear, many underwear fabrics have emerged since its birth. People feel different when wearing different fabrics. Do you know the effect of different fabrics?

Silk has a good touch and texture. It has no static electricity, and also absorbs sweat and breathes. The only disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean, and must be scrubbed very gently by hand or dry cleaned when washing. Silk has the elegance and luxury that cloth does not have, and its natural smoothness is what Lycra lacks. If it is decorated with lace or embroidery, it will produce a gorgeous effect, and other fabrics are difficult to achieve this effect.

Cotton is sweat-absorbent, breathable and warm. Wearing cotton will feel very comfortable. It is easy to dye and print, and is suitable for girls’ type underwear. In recent years, manufacturers also like to blend cotton and various types of fibers. Adding chemical fibers to cotton, especially for adjustable underwear, not only has a supportive effect, but also does not stuffy. Nowadays, women still prefer cotton underwear, which of course is because of the unique breathability and naturalness of cotton itself, making the wearing feeling absolutely different from other fabrics. In addition, from the aesthetic point of view, cotton printing effect and dyeing effect have a natural and simple atmosphere, which other fabrics can not do.

Nylon is strong and will not deform, most bra straps are made of this material.

Spandex is very stretchy and more elastic than rubber. It is often used as a bra buckle to prevent constriction and discomfort when the body twists.

Lycra is an artificial elastic fiber, which can be freely stretched to four to seven times the original, and after the release of external forces, can quickly return to the original length. The original purpose of the invention is precisely to replace the rubber that binds tight underwear. Therefore, the characteristics of Lycra is rich in elasticity, comfort and support, making the underwear more snug, not easy to lose shape and appear wrinkles, etc.. Lycra fabrics for bras, panties, swimwear and even socks are admired for their snug fit and feel. Lycra can be blended with any other man-made or natural fibers (such as silk, cotton, nylon, etc.).
The advantages of clothing containing Lycra are:
1) Long-lasting and non-deforming;
2) Stretchy and free;
3) Well-fitting and comfortable;
4) proper support and support.

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